Veteran FN Decal

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3M control tack provides safe, long-lasting hold. Options for in or outside your car or truck. Weather-resistant and waterproof. Our window decals come in 3 sizes - 5"x5", 8"x8" or 12"x12".

Inside- vs. outside-glass
Inside-glass decals have printing on the cling side, and go inside your car.
Outside-glass decals cling on the back and are applied to the outside of your car. (If you have tinted windows, this is the only option you can use.)

• Don’t use car window decals on your windshield or front windows.
• Avoid placing decals anywhere that blocks your vision when looking behind you.
• Be sure to check if there are any rules and regulations in your area.

*Artwork size varies by design. You may want to do some trimming to get rid of empty space.