The Trauma Recovery Podcast


I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark who runs the below podcast OPERATION TANGO ROMEO and I told him he has our support and that I would promote this wonderful resource for Veterans on here.

The Trauma Recovery Podcast for Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their families. This podcast provides support whenever you need it, at your own pace. You will not be re-traumatized from listening, you won’t hear “war-porn” on this show. This is all about connection, peer support, and recovery.

Also to help him further to gain exposure, the t-shirt displayed is also available for purchase for $25.99.
Follow this link for the T-shirt: TANGO T-SHIRT

A hoodie is also available for $64.99.
Follow this link for the T-shirt: TANGO HOODIE
10% of all purchases will be donated to VETS CANADA.

Listen at your own pace, on your own terms.
Listen to learn, and talk to heal.

When you’re ready, share your journey with others, by spreading the word about it.

Listen to the podcast by following the link: