Product Updates and Search for French Translations


Our printer is once again good to go for window decals. So once again they're available.


Our printer will no longer print any items with the Fuck ISIS design. We could redesign it with an * or... whatever, but I think we already fucked em pretty good!


Canada For Victory is looking for meaningful translations for each of our designs. I don't speak French, so we're looking for translations that go beyond the scope of what we can achieve with a translation site. We need to know the translation and the most meaningful way it can be placed around the main artwork of the design.

We want someone go go through each design, translate it to Canadian militarized French and tell us how the text should be displayed with regard to the main art work. Suggestions for new French only designs would also be welcomed.

We're offering one person a $100 gift card to provide us this service. Contact us first if you're up to the task.



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