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Product Availability Changes

Dear CFV'ers,

Our primary printer has changed the availability and variants of some of the products we use to print our apparel and other items on.

Our printer has done away with 4XL shirts, therefore we have removed the option on our website. If you require a size larger than 3XL, please check out our spreadshirt shop. Not only can you order shirts in sizes up to 6 XL, you an customize the garment colour and essentially put our designs on any type of garment they have available.

Our printer is no longer offering clear window deals. Therefore, we have decided to pull our window decals from the site until clear window decals are made available once again.

While we still offer decals, we can no longer print on a clear background in sizes larger than 8" x 8" so we will only be offering 8" and 5"  x 5" decals.

We apologize for customers who have been waiting weeks for their items, only to have your order or items refunded. Our printer did not notify us about the change and orders that were already placed were cancelled. We waited for the items to become available again, but only days ago received official word from the printer that the changes to product availability were permanent.

At this point we're working on refunding the items that are no longer available and will be providing the customers with a discount code.

Thank you for your support and understanding.
-Erik, Canada For Victory

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