More on Pension For Life

Lately there has been a lot going on in the veteran community with regards to the Pension for Life. Minister O'Regan has started traveling across country to promote this new plan. The big problems that everyone seems to be having is that none of the details have been hashed out thus the Minister and Uncle Walt are unable to provide direct answers to those questions.

The other major concern is that the new Pension for Life mainly benefits those most seriously injured which is a really good thing but the number of those seriously injured is small and will only affect a small percentage of veterans.

If you haven't viewed this article written by the VAC Minister check it out as it has some fancy graphs. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure them out and where all this extra money comes from.

The Equitas Society has proceeded to taking there case to the Supreme Court of Canada. Lets support them if you can. The following link will take you to there donation page. I also beleive a veteran walk is being organized across the country and more details on that will come.


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