Clearing The Way: Combat Engineers in Kandahar

Clearing The Way: Combat Engineers in Kandahar

From the book Clearing the Way comes this great documentary from Director Paul Culliton. Donate on the Gofundme page if you donate $11 you be able to view the documentary via a stream once available. I will update this for different showings with location and time.



UPDATE There will be a showing at the base theater in Gagetown on Friday June 22nd doors open at 1230 event starts at 1. This will be hosted by 4 ESR.




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  • Rob

    Gasparotto is the biggest retard of a CO we ever had at 2CER.
    He thinks he is the best of all officers and looks down upon everyone else.
    He is the john wane of the regiment and he doesn’t care about his troops, and constantly belittles them.
    If you are a JNC looks at you like dirt and treats you like slaves. If you a JR NCO yet again try’s to keep the fear in you because he thinks he is better than you because he is a office. He is a stupid drunk that cant hold his booze. Makes the Officer go to the mess with him for drinks every Friday because he doesn’t have a life.
    This guy I wouldn’t even spit on him if he was in fire.

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