Career Impact Allowance and supplement CIAS

Well yesterday was the Q & A with the VAC Minister and Deputy Minister. I watched all of it and I know there were a lot not impressed. 

I would like to say that one big question many have had is will I loose my CIA and CIAS with the new pension for life? The answer to this is no the Minister has said you will not lose any money and those with CIAS will be grandfathered in. So on the downside it does look as though the CIAS is being eliminated and replaced with a 1% annual increase for those with less than 20 years service. Once again if you have the CIAS now or before 1 Apr 2019 you will get to keep it and you will still be entitled to the 1% annual increase.

If you haven't applied for the CIAS and think you are eligiable for this benefit I suggest you apply ASAP before 1 Apr 2019.

Hope this helps those that have been wondering about this issue. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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